«Chiusa in una cella congelata», Deborah De Luca racconta le sue ore di sofferenze. VIDEO

Disavventura per Deborah De Luca, la nota di dj napoletana che venerdì scorso doveva essere ospitata da un locale negli Stati Uniti e, invece, è rimasta bloccata all’aeroporto di Chicago a causa di alcuni problemi riscontati con il ‘visto’. La storia è piena di dettagli, anche se la Disc Jockey ha più volte evidenziato la sua amarezza per il trattamento che le è stato riserbato.

Il post e la spiegazione di Deborah De Luca

«Nella mia vita di solito sono ironica in praticamente tutto quello che mi succede, anche sul lavoro. Ma questa volta voglio raccontarvi quello che mi è successo in America, a Chicago, venerdì sera per l’esattezza. C’è stato un mio errore, ma in ogni caso sono arrivato a Chicago alle ore 7 ed ho usato un visto turistico per entrare in contrapposizione ad un visto di lavoro – questo è colpa mia non a causa di problemi monetari, l’ho fatto perché è stato il modo più veloce per entrare. Preferirei tagliarmi la gamba invece di perdermi una serata. Odio deludere le persone».
Poi un poliziotto la riconosce, le dice che ama la musica e che è disposto ad aiutarla. Almeno facendola riposare. «Mi sono consolata all’idea di potermi rilassare, ma in realtà mi hanno portato in una cella congelata, dove se avessero appeso dei prosciutti sarebbero usciti stagionati – spiega la dj – Ne sono uscita con una febbre alta».

Vi spiego perché ho dovuto cancellare i party di Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal…In my life I’m usually IRONIC in pretty much everything that happens to me , work or what have you, but this time I want to tell you about what happened to me in America , Chicago, On Friday night to be exact, I feel like it was in part my error but either way I arrived in Chicago 7 PM and used a tourist visa to enter as opposed to a working visa – that’s my fault not because of monetary problems I did it this was because it was the quickest way To get in US , although after doing this I’d rather cut my leg off instead of miss playing for a night. I hate letting people down of course, knowing the work and marketing it involves to get me playing. Once I arrived to Chicago, one of the policeman recognized me and minutes I was brought into an office where I was held for about five hours and I wasn’t told what was happening. Every time I asked a question or for any information they would say five more minutes , hours would pass and nothing. Around 1am One of the policeman calls me and says look .. I love music and for this I would help you, I know who you are and what you do, I don’t want to get you into too much trouble however you can’t come into the United States , what we’ll do is we will give you a room where you can rest before your next flight. Me sincerely I felt alleviated since five hours had passed plus the time on the flight that I was able to get a room to rest. In reality this room that he had promised was a holding cell ,for 22 hours they held me hours where I was frozen; the type of room where you would hang frozen meats in. In reality I can’t even explain the cold that I experienced, I even got a really high fever. They removed my shoes, I only had jeans and a tank topNot even a jacket. This cell had super white lights like a butcher shop, there were very thin mattresses like plastic ,no sheets or blankets. The only thing that I was able to cover myself with was this yellow bag filled with toilet paper that work does an insulant. There was a toilet that I had to use in front of another person. They gave us a bottle of water and two times a day they gave us boxed food, one was meat and another was oatmeal which I don’t even like but I had to nourish myself. I experienced the worst hours of my life and I’ve had various problems in the past – I’ve been stopped in Syria or Dubai but never have I been treated this way. I couldn’t shower, I couldn’t wash myself, they didn’t let me call home they suggested someone else would call home and you think I would’ve let somebody speak English calling my mother explaining to them what was happening? I said absolutely not.. I wanted to explain myself to all of you as to why I was unable to perform. They wouldn’t even let me go to Montreal I was only allowed to get on a flight to land in Frankfurt to Naples were a police officer was able to escort me out.

Publiée par Deborah De Luca sur Lundi 22 juillet 2019